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You deserve an editor who will help you untap your story's greatest potential.

About Editor

"Everyone needs an editor."

—Tim Foote

A message from the founder

I know how you feel. Writing is your world. You’ve spent late nights with blurred vision and a foggy brain getting this story on paper. You’ve reached out to friends and strangers to read it, and you’ve waited weeks, biting your nails while anticipating their feedback.

Writing is a journey within itself. But after you’re done writing and receiving feedback, the adventure is far from over. Your story still needs to be edited. I’ve been where you are. I know the anxiety of choosing an editor, the turmoil over knowing a stranger will be handling your book, the wondering if they’ll understand your voice, your style, your intent.

That’s why Writers Untapped was created. I wanted to create an editing company designed with the writer in mind. As a fellow writer, I know what it’s like to pour your heart and soul into a work and hope someone else will care as much about your story as you do. Writers Untapped is here to not only get to know your story, but to get to know YOU. Editing a story is one thing, but Writers Untapped isn't here to just mark up your story with red ink; we're here to teach you your weaknesses and strengths. That way, every time you write a draft, your craft strengthens. The goal of Writers Untapped is simple: to help you untap your story's greatest potential.

—Tiffany White

About Book Editor

Meet the founder—Tiffany white

When I’m not writing, editing, or managing Writers Untapped, you can find me traveling the world; yelling at the Greenbay Packers’ defense for ruining yet another game (seriously, how much worse can this defense get?); hanging out with my husband and fierce ten-pound dog; playing sand volleyball; hosting game nights (I’m only a teensy bit competitive); and reading voraciously as I devour every book I can get my hands on!