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Book Editing Services


"Editing is like killing your story and then very slowly bringing it back to life."



After developmental and line edits, copyediting is one of the last steps in the process of preparing your book for publication. No matter how many times you’ve read that manuscript out loud, read backwards, and tried to pay attention to every last detail, you're still afraid your book has grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. Let an expert handle this one, writers. It's an important step that can make or break an author's career. Whether you’re self-publishing or querying, you must have a polished novel.

What is copy editing?


·      Grammar & spelling

·      Punctuation

·      Hyphenation

·      Dialogue formatting

·      Consistency

·      Typos

·      Chapter length 

Copyediting and proofreading services

Type of Feedback

Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript with my comments throughout. In the event of major patterns or editorial concerns noticed, an editorial letter will also be attached.

How much does a book editor cost?


Copyediting: .012-.017 per word

All prices are estimates and final pricing will be determined upon review of the author's manuscript.