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Book Editing Services

"The first draft is just YOU telling yourself the story."

—Terry Pratchett

Developmental Editing

You've now accomplished the feat of getting your story down on paper. But before you query, self-publish, line-read, or even proofread, something else needs to be done: the big-picture needs to be edited. What if there are plot holes you aren't seeing? What if the intricate backstory you created isn't making sense to the average reader? What if you’ve queried what’s felt like hundreds of agents but gotten no response or just form rejections? Worse, what if your story isn't reaching its full potential? That's where developmental editing comes in.

What is developmental editing?


  • Pacing issues

  • Plot holes

  • Underdeveloped and overdeveloped storylines

  • Themes

  • Character development

  • Overall story arc

  • World-building

  • Structure

  • Narration

What kind of feedback do you get with developmental editing?

Type of Feedback

Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript with my comments throughout, as well as an editorial letter that details any major patterns or issues noticed. You also have the option of getting a manuscript assessment, which is similar to a developmental edit but without in-line comments.

How much does editing cost?


.016 per word


Manuscript Assessment (no in-line comments): .009 per word

All prices are estimates and final pricing will be determined upon review of the author's manuscript. 30-minute post-edit phone/Skype conversation included in above prices.