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If you’re a novel writer or a screenwriter, visit this page for helpful tips and advice that will help teach you how to write a book. Creative writing, fiction writing, and editing can be hard. Use these helpful tips on your journey to becoming a successful writer!

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My Top Tips for World Building

World building is a huge topic to cover, but it’s also one that is important when thinking about crafting your story. Whether the world is real or made up world, it’s necessary to bring the setting alive for readers to help them get invested in your book! World building also ridiculously cool (when done right). I’m going to break down my top world building tips for you, and your goal is to implement these tips into your story in different ways.

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Writing a Query: It's All in the Details

Oh man. There are so many big events happening right now for writers (i.e., Pitch Wars and pitmad and conferences with pitch opportunities). Events that mean we writers must be on our A game when it comes to queries. Which is enough to make my head spin. And then I get dizzy, and I have to self-soothe with chocolate and wine . . .

Anyway, QUERIES! The single most terrifying part of being a writer. Plotting, outlining, drafting, writing a whole 90,000-word book. No problem.

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